We help individuals, companies and industries to create, protect and put on the market innovative products and services that enrich, ease and embellish human life.


The international clientele recognizes Topić IP Ltd as the reference firm for support in all Intellectual Property matters as well as Marketing of Medicines and Medical devices in Central and Eastern Europe.





Intellectual Property

Our founder Mr Željko Topić is doyen of Intellectual Property in the region. He actively participated in the development of national IP systems in several jurisdictions since early 1990s. Željko became internationally renowned as a dedicated officer of SIPO, EPO, WIPO, as well as private practitioner. He was very active in AIPPI, INTA, LESI and other professional associations.

Medicines and Medical devices

Our family has a more than a century long tradition of care for human health. It started wit our ancestor Dr Joseph Koetschet 1830-1898, the founder of the first hospital in Bosnia and Herzegovina, via his son Dr Teophil Koetschet who was pioneer of neuropsychiatry in the region to our grandfather and father Dr Benedikt Pučaj to the leading people in our firm Dr Ana Topić and Dr Krešimir Pučaj.

Dr Joseph Koetschet 1830 – 1898

Dr Koetschet was born 14.02.1830.g. in Grelling (Basel) Switzerland as son of Joseph Koetschet, tax inspector and Mayor of Grelling and Madeleine Kaiser; He studied medicine in Bern, Heidelberg, Vienna and Paris.


“From 1864 he was physician, interpreter, secretary and—more than all—political and diplomatic counsellor of the provincial governors (Vezirs) in Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Koetschet’s two books of memoirs neglect quite completely his medical activities, although he has played a remarkable role in the foundation of the first hospitals in Sarajevo. After 1878 Koetschet has been appointed head physician of Sarajevo and retired from politics. He died in 1898. His son Theophil was an outstanding neuropsychiatrist trained in Germany and employed near Vienna, but he soon returned to Sarajevo feeling that Bosnia was his real homeland.”*


Since then, there were members of our family in each generation who devoted their lives to human health.

Today Topić IP proudly continue long tradition of Care for Intellectual Property and Care for human Health.




Željko Topić

Mr Topić is the Founder and Managing Partner in Topić IP Ltd.

He is European patent attorney and European attorney for trademarks and designs before the European patent office (EPO) and EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). Željko is professional representative for patents, trademarks and designs before national IP office of Croatia.


Željko served as Vice-President of European Patent Office from 2012 to 2018 and as Director General of the Croatian State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) from 2004 to 2012.

In Early 2000 he was a Managing Partner in a reputed IP firm in Zagreb.


He also served as an officer in many international fora; such as President of the Standing Committees in WIPO (SCT), Vice-President of a Diplomatic Conference for the adoption of STLT, Officer in different Governing Bodies, Representative of AIPPI at WIPO sessions, and many more.


Željko has been profoundly involved in the IP arena at national and international level for the past three decades and played an active role in all major initiatives and events in this field during the period.


At national level in Croatia he was coordinator and reporter of the implementation of a National IP Strategy and National Coordinator for the IP chapter in the negotiations for the accession to the EU.


He was writer, speaker and presenter on different IP topics in 100 + IP events.


Throughout his career Željko has been engaged in developing systematic solutions for supporting creation of intellectual property, for protecting its results and for enhancing effective economic valorisation of those results in the marketplace.

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Ana Topić

Dr Ana Topić is partner in Topić IP Ltd and the Director of our Dr Koetschet program. She is responsible for the IPR matters and regulatory affairs for pharmaceuticals, medical technologies, cosmetics and food industry.


Ana is qualified European and Croatian trademark attorney.

Ana graduated from the Faculty of dental medicine, University of Zagreb in 2013. After she had gathered first professional experience, as Doctor of Dental Medicine, Ana decided to follow her true vocation i.e. improvement of human health through professional engagement in different, wider framework. She became a professional in the protection of IP, especially in the field of pharmaceuticals and medical technologies as well as advising in regulatory affairs for medicinal products.


In 2017 Ana worked in the European Patent Office, on reclassification of patent applications in the field of medical technologies. In 2018 she attended Seminar „Obtaining, Enforcing and Evaluating IP rights in Europe “ organized by renown IP firm Boehmert & Boehmert in Munich.


Ana continuously improves her knowledge and skills in main fields of our expertise.

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Our international team of experts is our greatest asset and strength and embraces prominent experts in the countries where we offer services. Teams are profiled to include engineers, scientists, designers, doctors, pharmacists, lawyers, economists, and experts from other profiles. Their work is supported by specialized and experienced administrators.


In order to be able to respond optimally to the needs of our clients in all aspects of our service program, and throughout the geographical scope of our operations, we have created a network of affiliated companies, offices and individuals who are performing our affairs under our coordination.

Dr Krešimir Pučaj

In Topić IP Ltd, Dr Pučaj is Lead of Dr Koetschet program for Canada and USA.


Krešimir is qualified European and Croatian patent attorney.

He is President of CroToxPath Consulting and BridgePharma (Toronto, Canada)
He had been Director for Toxicology in Nucro-Technics Inc. for 27 years. His responsibilities included scientific direction and senior management of the efforts of Nucro-Technics Toxicology and Pathology laboratories. Overseeing the day to day operation of toxicology and pathology facilities which conducts over 80 GLP and non-GLP toxicology IND/CTA enabling studies per annum. Expert consulting clients on product development strategies to meet international regulatory requirements and preparation and management of non-clinical drug development programs (IND enabling to Phase III). Preparing study protocols for PK, acute, sub-chronic, chronic and specialty toxicology studies to meet standards of ICH, FDA (CDER, CBER), OECD, OPPTS and EU Guidelines. Interpretation of study results and report writing. Liaison with support disciplines (bioanalytical and quality assurance) and expert consultants (pathology, cardiology, ophthalmology, kinetics, etc.).

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Ivana Jurin Puhalo

Ivana Jurin Puhalo is attorney at law – partner and founder of the law firm Jurin & Vogrinc


Ivana is qualified European and Croatian trademark attorney.


For our clients Ivana coordinates implementation of all legal and administrative activities concerning enforcement of IPRs.

In her practice, Ivana specialises in the area of IP law, acting as the representative of leading brands in the sphere of sports and high fashion, as well as a legal representative of software industry.


Ivana is a member of “SSNOPIV” a national coordination of government bodies competent for enforcement of IPRs.

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