Our firm is situated in Zagreb, the Capital of Croatia and the city that has been a cradle of creative human work for centuries.


A systematic legal protection of Intellectual Property in Croatia is marked by the first Copyright law from 1884, and the first Patent law from 1895, both enacted by then common Hungaro-Croatian Parliament. Since then the legal protection of Intellectual Property in the territory of Croatia has been continuously guaranteed.


History of systematic healthcare is equally visible in Zagreb. Activity of pharmacists and the physicians at “Gradec” started as early as 14th century. The “Black eagle” pharmacy opened its door in 1355 and has been operating uninterruptedly ever since. The first hospital at St. Marko’s square was established in 1384.


In Topić IP, we feel obliged to such a glittering tradition of our city and our country. That is why we insist on excellence, dedication and responsibility in rendering professional services in both main fields of our expertise, the field of patents, trademarks, designs and, copyright, as well as medicines and medical devices.